Falling Under - Gasoline // Music Video

So here it is, our very first music video shot by Wandering Visuals! Before reading on, check out the video below!

We had such an awesome time on this shoot. We're very close friends with the talented guys from Falling Under (Max, Ryan, Alex and Liam), so when they asked us to shoot their music video for Gasoline we couldn't pass up the offer.

music video production cardiff south wales

The shoot took place over two days in two different locations. The first was over in Llangennith, Swansea, South Wales, as the sun blared down in a very atypical fashion for Welsh weather. We were tanned for days afterwards which was great! For the Llangennith shoot we wanted a chilled/relaxed vibe to the shots so we set up a few situations with the Falling Under guys and kind of just roamed out of the way and allowed things to happen organically. We love this style of shooting - almost very cinematic documentary in nature, something that we strive for in a lot of our projects, especially our travel films and wedding videography.

music video production cardiff south wales

The second location was One Louder Studios in Newport. The studio has an awesome poster room with a great grungy vibe, so we decided to shoot there. For this section, again we planned a few shots out, but we pretty much let the guys perform and act naturally whilst shooting the appropriate sections. The focus of this video is to show the Falling Under guys in as natural setting as possible so the audience can see how awesome they are as people!

music video production cardiff south wales

Overall, we had such a great time on this shoot. It really didn't feel like we were working at all. The days were filled with laughter and jokes and it was such a great environment to be part of. Now that we've dipped our toes in to the music video world we absolutely cannot wait to shoot more. So if you're aware of any up and coming bands that require a music video, send them our way and tell them to contact us!

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