Falling Under at Warehouse 54 // Music Promo

Hey Wanderers!

A friend of ours is part of this great local band called Falling Under and they were playing a slot at our local club's music night. They asked us to come along, cameras in tow, and shoot a little promo for them. We've done little things before for the band, but never under the Wandering Visuals branding, so naturally we thought it'd be a great idea!

Overall, the night was great! The guys did an amazing job on stage and sounded incredible! The only issues we really had with filming this particular piece was the intense lack of light! Our ISO on our little GH4 was well and truly sky rocketed for this piece. Hopefully you can't tell though as there's so much you can do in post production with denoisers to eliminate that nasty digital noise and artefacting. We're way more partial to a bit of 35mm film grain emulation that we always drop on top of our videos!

Some time in the new year we're lined up to shoot Falling Under's first official music video. We're so excited to work with these great group of guys and we're sure that the video will be amazing. Keep checking back on the site if you're interested or even like our facebook page, as all of our updates get posted there too!

If you'd like to use Wandering Visuals to shoot a video for you, don't be afraid to ask, just head over to our 'Contact' section and drop us an email. We shoot anything ranging from travel, advertisement, music and weddings.

Thanks guys and gals, keep adventuring!

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