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We first met Nicola and Joel last year when we travelled up to Brecon to view their wedding venue Treberfydd house in South Wales. Luckily being Cardiff based wedding videographers the journey was short and we were able to navigate our way to the location in no time. Nicola and Joel actually emigrated to New Zealand, but they made the trip home to have their wedding back here in Wales. Treberfydd House is absolutely beautiful. The large manor house, with the dense forestry that surrounded, was the perfect location for this couple’s wedding venue. The house almost resembled that of a small castle, the gorgeous gardens are vast and filled with beautiful plants, flowers and various fauna.

Bride gazing over beautiful Treberfydd House

When the big day arrived the place looked incredible, when we say the place we don't just mean the house and gardens we also mean the incredible yurt that had been set up in the lower half of the land. It looked like something straight out of Lord of the Rings (which by the way is one of Nicola and Joels favourite movies). The floor was carpeted with what looked like hessian, the yurt was held up by large planks of wood and the inside included everything you needed for a successful wedding, tables, chairs a bar and amazing people. We got such a natural, almost boho, vibe from this wedding! We were absolutely in our element!

The grooms first look at the beautiful bride and wedding dress

We arrived first thing in the morning and met with Nicola, ready to get started with her bridal preparations. The prep was nice and chilled, Nicola was super calm and made sure she enjoyed herself. In our experience it's sometimes very easy for a bride to become stressed but Nicola handled everything perfectly. (She must have read our top 5 tips on a smooth wedding day?!) The morning itself went incredibly smoothly until around half an hour before the Ceremony, at that point word came  that there had been a crash on the motorway. This unfortunately meant that some of the guests were going to be late or possibly even miss the ceremony. This was heartbreaking for Nicola as one of the guests in particular, whom she is very close to, was her Nan. Unfortunately the Ceremony could only be postponed for half an hour. As upsetting as this must have been for Nicola she remained positive while still trying to think up alternatives, at one point there was even talk of Nicola and Joel signing the contract and myself and Olly running the ceremony (Which we were totally down for). But good things happen to good people and all of the guests were able to arrive on time which put the day straight back on track.

Newly weds share kiss in the grounds of Treberfydd House

By the time speeches came around the day had been filled with laughter, drinking, and lots of chitter chatter amongst the two families. We were able to take Nicola and Joel for a bridal walk around the beautiful gardens and into the forestry that surrounded. When the best man (One of Joel's brothers) stood up to give his speech it was clear how close they were and was easy to see that this was going to be an emotional one. The speeches went by with beautiful words being spoke by all. Tears were shed by almost all of the listeners (we didn’t cry… honestly.) It was time to grab another wine glass and get dancing.

Couple embracing in natural forest for wedding video

For us, the day was an absolute dream. We felt lucky to have been a part of the day. It’s couples and venues like these that make us happy to be South Wales wedding videographers. Working with Nicola and Joel was an amazing experience and we are happy to call them our friends. We’d like to wish them the best of luck in their adventure together and all the happiness in the world. Enjoy New Zealand, enjoy one another’s company, and enjoy the rest of your lives together!

Newly weds having their first dance at Treberfydd House

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