Working with Gaz Oakley - Avant Garde Vegan

Gaz Oakley, Avant-Garde Vegan plating up a burger dish for his book photography shoot.

We're super excited to be working with Gaz Oakley. He runs the Avant Garde Vegan Youtube channel and is absolutely exploding on to the scene. At the time of writing he's just hit 100K on Youtube and has over 110K on Instagram. Those are absolutely crazy numbers.

We contacted him a while back asking if he'd be interested in working with us as we saw some common values and thought the collaboration would be great. He's recently been in touch with us and I think it's safe to say that we hit it off straight away! The first meeting we had was electric. The 3 of us all had such similar ideas for fresh new content and we gelled instantly. 

We joined Gaz for a trip to London, UK. We ventured around the capital taking in sights such as Borough Market and Clapton Tram.

We've been working with Gaz for the past month now and we're already producing some incredible content. We've even been in touch with some larger brands, of which I'm not sure we can disclose at the moment, but stay tuned to find out really soon.

Something like this just goes to show that it really is worth being cheeky and shooting an email across. It's something that I've always believed in, if you ask for something and you're told no, then you're in the exact same position you were in to start with. Everything shouts towards reaching out, believing in your skillset and I guess getting a little lucky too!

There's so much planned for the future with Gaz and the Avant-Garde Vegan channel. Although it's going to be a lot of hard work, this is definitely the start of a long a fruitful both working and personal relationship. It's really exciting to be working with someone who's just as hard working as we are and has such a large platform to distribute content on. What can be done here really is limitless and it's really inspiring!

Check out a recipe video on Gaz's Avant-Garde Vegan Youtube channel below: