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Hello Wanderers!

Travelling is one of, if not, the biggest inspiration behind our company, capturing beautiful sights while experiencing everything we possibly can, I mean you can’t really ask for much more, right?

So today we wanted to give you the ‘Wandering Visuals Top Travel Tips’. Now, we are nowhere near qualified to tell you what you should and shouldn’t take travelling so this is more on the lines of what we take/do. (Also so we can look back at the post to make sure we aren’t forgetting anything next time we hit the road) So keep reading and find out what we do to go on adventures!

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Starting at number 5 ‘Research’

It’s all well and good wanting to go abroad to a random country but you need to know that where you are staying in that country is safe and secure, as well as clean and not in some rough location where you are likely to be robbed. When we travel we stay in Hostels so we would recommend that you check out HostelWorld.com They have a super easy website to navigate as well as a good reviews section meaning that you can find out about where your staying before you go!

When you arrive at the hostel it’s a pretty good idea to grab a map of the area (Most hostels will have these on their front desk). Grab one of the reception workers and just ask them to mark down the best areas to check out and the places to stay away from, they’ll usually mark down all of the closest buses and undergrounds and tell you which ones to take! This is why hostels are great, because everyone in them are always awesome.


Number 4 ‘Use Hostels’

We all know what it’s like to work a full time job day in day out, saving up for that end of year holiday but don’t brush off staying at a hostel, hostels are super communal and everyone is always really nice. It’s a great way to check out a new place, meet some amazing people and experience different things and for a much lower cost than paying for a 5 star hotel. I understand that hostels aren’t for everyone but you really should go and create your own opinion of them, who knows, it maybe the best time of your life?


Number 3 ‘Go see the free shit!’

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad! No matter where you are travelling in the world there are always free sights to be seen, museums and galleries to be visited. Don’t be afraid to ask the hostel/hotel staff about what events are coming up up and what’s best to see, they are always happy to help.

Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Number 2 ‘make Friends!’

Staying in a hostel in a foreign country is one of the best ways to meet people and make new friends! Whenever we have stayed at a hostel we have always left with a new group of people to speak and connect with, it also helps you enjoy your time travelling a lot more especially if you’re alone! Don’t be afraid to approach people, and put yourself out there, I promise you won’t regret it!

Barcelona, Soain

Barcelona, Soain


Number 1 ‘You guessed it’

So for us the most important thing, it comes above clothing, money, even our camera… it’s the passport. Didn't see that one coming right? Our top Tip is just don’t forget that stupid little book you need otherwise your travels may come to an early end!

And that brings us to the end of Wandering Visuals Top Travel Tips! We have a bunch more that we’ll likely put up in future posts, so make sure to check back in!

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